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India’s First Tech-Enabled Preschool & Daycare

A child’s early years define social, emotional, physical, mental, communication, and all other necessary development. Parents put all their efforts into bringing about the best in their children, but there are a few things a child can learn only with peers and in a disciplined learning environment.

Petals Preschool and Daycare is one of India's best early year education centers progressive for improving early year childcare scenarios. Unlike other preschools in Delhi, we create a uniquely rich environment for children that allow them to develop not only academic skills but also life skills.

The students of Petals Preschool are synonymous with all-around development.

Our Preschool Curriculum Aims at:

image Developing a love for learning in children
image Making the children grasp and understand the concept
image Strengthening the foundation of education
image 7-Stage experiential learning, so that the children can experience, understand, imagine, and implement
image Unique and customized curriculum for every child
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Our Diligences

The Petals Preschool & Daycare offers three different options of Early Year Childcare, and the parents can choose the best fit.


Petals Preschool

Learning at Petals Preschool focuses on exploring the caliber of a child and channelizing their energy towards a well-balanced routine. Our curriculum is a balance between fun and learning activities.

We aim to optimize the critical thinking capability of the young ones and be competent enough to survive in the global environment.


Petals Online Preschool

Post-Covid, Online Preschool is the only way to continue with uninterrupted learning. So, parents who are not comfortable sending their children to school can enroll their little leaders in our Online Preschool Programme.

Every child receives individual attention in our live-interactive online sessions. We follow the same curriculum in Online Preschool.

Online Preschool Vs Offline Preschool

Petals After School

Is your child wasting a lot of time watching TV or playing games? Let’s engage them in some productive activities after school.

Our Afterschool co-curricular activities are wisely planned to nurture the hobbies and interests of different children. You can enroll your child in single or multiple activities at a time.


Petals Day Care

Is it challenging to manage your career and child together? Well, we are here as your trustworthy and reliable parenting partner.

Petals is the name for the most-trusted preschool and daycare in India for 18 months to 10 years old.




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Trusted Parents


A day at Petals

Parent's Testimonials

What Parents Say


Petals help my child to groom alot. she has learnt very much & become an extrovert & confident child. petals each & every celebration is outstanding & holds a special memory in our heart. Hats off to the loving & caring staff, teachers & helpers. Proud to be a Petalian!!

Mother - Kimaya

We really appreciate petals school for making us proud on the decision of choosing petals .You guys really work very hard to make each event special & memorable for every parent. No words to say but i would say in a sentence if we were kids then our wish would be to be a student of petals. Love you petals for encouraging Anika a lot.

Mother - Ankita Gupta

Petals has taught Myra so much... giving her so many opportunities in each field. it made Myra more confident & energetic. The teachers gave her so much love & attention. Thanks you for giving her a super start.

Mother - Myra Kwatra

Blessed to have a school like petals to start a new path of life of a child.Its our great pleasure indeed that our child came here in such a beautiful atmosphere. Expectations from new school will be same ,but nothing can beat a school like petals.Unforgettable. Thanks so much.

Mother - Paarth Dev Sehgal

Read to reason… why us?

We all know that a child frames or structures his/her mindset of grasping, understanding and absorbing by applying these experiences in play and do activities. In order to garner this approach in the child, PETALS provide an enriching and conducive environment to nurture an all-round development.

PETALS believes in unleashing the LATENT potential of the child seeded within.


Harvard Research Based Pedagogy

( Engage, Involve, Enquire & Learn Methodology )

Our endeavour is to invigorate a child. We tickle their potential to engage, experience, enquire, apply and retain the matter being exposed to them.


Brain Aptitute Test

( U.S. Patent )

Curriculum guided by Brain Aptitude Test (U.S. Patent), we unleash the seeded talent and traits of the child.


Exceptionally Safe & Secure Enriching Environment

( Nurture your child )

3-tiered security and a comforting, child-centric, safe infrastructure with hygiene, transforms nurturing and learning into a bliss.


Trained & Competent Facilitators

( VBIL approach )

Each and every facilitator is well equipped with continuous R&D sessions for VALUE BASED INTEGRATED LEARNING approach while delivering methodologies.